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Poly Synthesis Engineering Plastics & Fabrication
Plastic Products for Technical Applications
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Premium Quality:
Explore Our Premium Plastic Engineering and Industrial Plastics Products!​


Custom Poly Tanks & Bulk Liquid Storage

Our Custom Fabricated Poly Tanks & Bulk Liquid Storage systems are precision-engineered to meet the specific demands of any liquid storage application. Crafted from superior materials like HDPE, PP-H, PVC, and PVDF, these tanks promise exceptional performance and durability.


We tailor-make each tank, going beyond standard shapes to create solutions that maximise space efficiency and meet your exact requirements. Our tanks are known for their robustness and chemical resistance, with HDPE and PP-H suitable for a wide range of substances, and PVC and PVDF offering high-temperature endurance and fire-retardant properties.


The craftsmanship of our tanks is evidence of our commitment to quality, featuring advanced construction techniques for a leak-proof, durable build with easy-to-maintain surfaces. This attention to detail ensures a long-lasting, hygienic storage solution that adheres to strict industry standards.


By partnering with us, you benefit from our expertise as we guide you through a design process that results in a storage system optimised for your needs. Our Custom Fabricated Poly Tanks are not just storage units; they are integral to efficient, safe, and reliable liquid management for your business operations.

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Plastic Sheets, Plastic Rods & Plastic Piping Systems Supply

Step into the vanguard of industrial innovation with our premium range of Custom Made Industrial Plastic solutions. Our robust inventory boasts an extensive selection of Plastic Sheets, Rods, and Piping Systems, meticulously crafted to satisfy the varied demands of contemporary industries.


Our Plastic Sheets are the pinnacle of adaptability and resilience. They are precision-manufactured in a variety of materials, such as PVC, polycarbonate, and acrylic, to meet the specific needs of sectors like construction, automotive, and aerospace. Available in multiple thicknesses, these sheets can be tailored to your precise requirements, ensuring versatility and ease of use.


Our Plastic Rods are designed for structural strength and endurance. Ideal for machining into bespoke parts for industrial machinery, these rods come in a broad spectrum of diameters and lengths, each offering exceptional wear resistance and durability. They are essential for components such as gears and seals that demand peak performance under pressure.


Our Plastic Piping Systems set new standards for fluid management. Offering superior corrosion resistance, they are an excellent choice for applications including chemical processing and water systems. These piping systems are built for long-term service and easy installation, serving as a reliable and economical substitute for conventional metal piping.


We are dedicated to excellence and customer satisfaction with our Custom Made Industrial Plastic products. From initial consultation to customisation, and through to delivery, we ensure a smooth and tailored service. 


Partner with us for products that enhance your industry with innovation, efficiency, and dependability. Explore the transformative potential of our plastic solutions for your operational needs today.

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Polyamide 6 (PA6) or Nylon 6 Properties - Technical Data Sheet, Polyamide 66 PA66


Cut To Size Plastics: CNC Machining

We proudly offer our top-tier CNC machine cut to size plastics service, embodying the pinnacle of precision in modern fabrication. Our state-of-the-art CNC technology ensures each piece is cut with exceptional accuracy and efficiency, tailored to your exact specifications for a seamless fit in any application.


Catering to a spectrum of industries, from electronics to aerospace, our service is designed to foster innovation with a vast array of materials at our disposal, including HDPE, polypropylene, acrylic, and more. Our CNC machining excels in delivering complex cuts, detailed designs, and flawless finishes essential for premium components.


Our facility is equipped to undertake both large and small-scale projects with unmatched precision and rapid turnaround, minimising waste and optimising production time. We embrace the challenge of demanding projects, ensuring quality is never compromised.


Each piece we craft passes through a rigorous quality check to align with our stringent standards and your high expectations. Whether it’s a single prototype or a full production run, our CNC cut plastics stand out for their durability and consistency.


Choose to collaborate with us, and we’ll turn your vision into tangible products with clean, precise cuts that only the finest CNC technology can provide. We’re more than just suppliers; we’re dedicated problem solvers committed to propelling your business with solutions that epitomise excellence. Discover the precision in every product with our CNC machine cut to size plastics service, where every cut is a fulfilment of our promise of perfection.

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