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Excellence in Engineering Plastics:
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The versatility and adaptability of plastics have rendered them indispensable across a wide range of industries. 


Here, we explore how our plastic fabrication, poly/plastic welding, engineering plastics supply, and plastic engineering services play pivotal roles in diverse sectors:

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Chemical Treatment/Handling

In the realm of chemical treatment and handling, our bespoke plastic fabrication solutions are vital. 


Plastics like PVDF and ECTFE are favoured for their chemical resistance and are used to create tanks, pipes, and valves that withstand aggressive chemicals. 


With precise poly welding techniques, we ensure that these components are not only leak-proof but also maintain their integrity even in the most corrosive environments. 


Our engineering plastics are selected for their compatibility with a wide range of chemicals, ensuring safety and longevity. 


Our expert plastic engineering services provide consultation and design for custom systems that optimise chemical processing, storage, and transport, underscoring the significance of our role in this industry.

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Mechanical Engineering

In mechanical engineering, the demand for materials that offer strength, durability, and wear resistance is high. 


Our engineering plastics, such as UHMWPE and nylon, are perfect for fabricating gears, bearings, and slides that require low friction and a high degree of precision. 


The ability of these plastics to withstand mechanical stress and their ease of maintenance make them ideal for various mechanical applications. 


Our custom plastic welding services ensure that any fabricated components meet the exacting requirements of mechanical operations, contributing to the smooth and efficient functioning of machinery.

Polyamide 6 (PA6) or Nylon 6 Properties - Technical Data Sheet, Polyamide 66 PA66
Engineering Plastics in Chemical Handling and Processing

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Water Treatment

The water treatment industry benefits greatly from our engineering plastics and custom fabrication services.


Plastics like HDPE and PVC are used to create pipes, filters, and membranes that are integral to water purification systems. 


These materials are not only resistant to water and a variety of chemicals but are also non-toxic, ensuring the safe handling of potable water. 


Our plastic welding techniques are employed to construct watertight systems that prevent leaks and contamination, which is crucial in water treatment facilities. 


Our engineering and supply services are tailored to support the development of innovative water treatment solutions.

Polymer Resources & Education Centre - Plastic Materials Data

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Mining & Mineral Extraction

In the harsh conditions of mining and mineral extraction, our plastic fabrication services provide robust solutions. 


High-density plastics are used to line chutes, hoppers, and tanks, protecting against abrasion and corrosion. 


Our welding and custom fabrication capabilities enable us to produce large, durable components that withstand the rigours of the mining environment. 


Our supply of engineering plastics caters to the production of wear-resistant parts that contribute to the efficiency and safety of mining operations, highlighting our significant contribution to this industry.

Poly welding and butt welding of plastic piping systems

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Recreational Vehicles

The recreational vehicle industry relies on lightweight, durable, and versatile materials. 


Our plastics fabrication services cater to this need by providing components that are both sturdy and light, contributing to the overall efficiency and performance of recreational vehicles. 


From water tanks to interior paneling, our plastics are engineered to offer the best in comfort and functionality. 


With our plastic welding services, we ensure that these components are assembled to the highest standards, enduring the wear and tear of travel.

Revolutionizing RV Building & Modification with engineering plastics

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Boating & Marine

For the boating and marine industry, the anti-corrosive properties of plastics are indispensable. 


Our engineering plastics are used to fabricate components that come into constant contact with water and salt, such as hulls, decks, and storage compartments. 


These materials withstand the marine environment, preventing rust and decay. 


Our custom welding techniques ensure water-tight seals, crucial for the safety and longevity of marine vessels. 


Our supply services provide a broad selection of suitable plastics, underlining our role in this sector.

Engineering Plastics and Custom Poly Tanks in Civil Construction

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Civil Engineering

Civil engineering projects benefit from our plastic fabrication and welding services in numerous ways. 


Our industrial plastics products, ranging from piping systems to geo-membranes, are integral to infrastructure development. 


The lightweight nature of these plastic components facilitates easier handling and installation, while their durability ensures longevity in public construction projects such as bridges, roads, and tunnels. 


Our engineering services provide the necessary expertise to integrate these plastic solutions into large-scale civil engineering endeavours.

Poly welding and butt welding of plastic piping systems
Mobile Fabrications, Installation and Repair Services in Australia

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Commercial & Point of Display Products

In commercial spaces and point of display products, aesthetics meet functionality with our plastic fabrication services. 


Acrylics and other clear plastics are fashioned into display cases, shelving, and signage that are not only eye-catching but also durable. 


Our precision in plastic welding guarantees the seamless assembly of these products, enhancing the visual appeal of commercial displays. 


The supply of engineering plastics enables us to meet the diverse needs of commercial clients, providing materials that withstand the wear of public interaction while maintaining their visual quality.

Polymethyl Methacrylate PMMA or Acrylic - Technical Data Sheet

In each of these industries, our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction is evident. 


We understand the unique challenges posed by different sectors and strive to provide solutions that are not just effective but also contribute to the advancement and sustainability of each industry we serve. 


Our expertise in plastic fabrication, welding, engineering plastics supply, and plastic engineering services makes us a valuable partner in industrial progress.