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Using our unique expertise in polymers, we can create a custom plastic product to suit you!


Bespoke Custom Plastic Fabrications

We can bring your plastics fabrication to life!


Machined & Moulded Polymer Components

Made from high quality industrial plastics


Custom Poly Tanks

Custom Poly Tanks: Potable Water Tanks, Grey Water Tanks, Blackwater Tanks, Wastewater Storage tanks, Diesel tanks, Chemical Storage Tanks & Chemical Processing Tanks

Step into the visual world of our Fabrication Images Gallery, where the art of engineering plastics comes to life in vivid detail. This webpage isn’t just a showcase; it’s a testament to the versatility and capabilities of engineering plastics when placed in the hands of master craftsmen. 

Within this gallery, we lay bare the intersection of innovation, precision, and functional beauty that our custom fabrication processes bring forth.

As you navigate through the gallery, you will embark on a journey of transformation—from raw, unshaped polymers to intricately designed components ready to serve their purpose in the real world. Each image is a narrative of its own, encapsulating the story of its creation and the endless possibilities that lie within a block of plastic.

The Essence of Visualisation 

Understanding the scope of what can be achieved with engineering plastics is not always straightforward. Our Fabrication Images Gallery provides a tangible insight into this world. Through high-resolution imagery, we exhibit the meticulous detail, the careful handling, and the precise cutting that define our work. It is a visual feast that showcases not only the end products but also the processes, tools, and skills involved in achieving them.

Celebrating Diversity

Our gallery reflects the diversity of applications for engineering plastics. You’ll find images of bullet-proof polycarbonate structures, sleek PTFE components for aerospace, colourful HDPE parts for children’s playgrounds, and robust PVC fittings for industrial systems. Each image is a testament to the material’s unique properties and the ingenuity applied to manipulate them.

Behind the Scenes

Beyond the final product, our gallery provides a rare behind-the-scenes glimpse into the fabrication process. See the sparks fly in a CNC machining operation, the precise extrusion of complex profiles, and the careful assembly of multi-component systems. These images capture the harmony between human expertise and machine precision.

A Learning Experience

For students, professionals, and curious minds, our gallery is an educational tool. It’s a supplement to theoretical knowledge, offering visual examples of concepts such as stress resistance, load-bearing designs, and ergonomic considerations. For potential clients, it’s a portfolio demonstrating our capacity to meet their specific needs.

Inspiration for Innovation

We believe in inspiring our visitors. Our gallery is not just a display but a springboard for creativity. Designers can see the real-world translation of their sketches, engineers can appreciate the intricacies of material behaviour, and business owners can discover the potential enhancements to their operations.

Interactive Engagement

Our webpage is designed for interaction. Visitors can zoom in on images to appreciate the fine details, or click to find out more about the project, the materials used, and the client’s objectives. We encourage our audience to inquire, comment, and even share how a particular fabrication could apply to their needs.

The Commitment to Quality

Each image is a reflection of our commitment to quality. From the initial design to the final polish, our team’s expertise is on full display. It’s visual proof of our promise to deliver products that meet the highest standards of durability, performance, and aesthetic appeal.

An Evolving Display

As our techniques evolve and new projects come to completion, so too will our gallery. It’s an ever-growing collection that keeps pace with the latest advancements in engineering plastics and fabrication technology.

In conclusion, our Fabrication Images Gallery is more than just a webpage; it’s a visual journey through the transformative power of engineering plastics. It’s a statement of our dedication to excellence and an open book into the vast capabilities that our materials and people possess. We invite you to witness the ingenuity of plastic fabrication and perhaps find the inspiration for your next project. Welcome to a world where every image tells the story of possibility made tangible.

Email Address


Help Line

1300 GO POLY